Human Kinetics and Sports Science

Old School Students Sports Science

Traditionally, physical education has provided the epistemological and pedagogical framework for the study and practice of sports and related areas. Over the years, however, it has become obvious that the professional and subject matter development of this field of endeavour have become heavily constrained by its conceptual and operational limitations which also made it difficult to match societal expectations in manpower development and social services delivery.

It is a fact that our current undergraduate curriculum in human Kinetics, formally known as Physical Education, fall far short of our nation’s needs and expectations in sports development as a result of which its relevance to society as greatly diminished.

The driving philosophy of this reform is derived from the need to create new programmes, using a fresh operational paradigm that would enhance the relevance of participants to themselves and the Nigerian society in its cognate areas. The new undergraduate programmes are thus designed to promote the clinical, cognate and educational competences of the participants for the good of the individual and society.


To be a foremost centre of excellence for the training and education of competent and competitive manpower for social services delivery in human kinetics, sports science and sport coaching.


Our mission is to deploy knowledgeable and technically sound leadership, infrastructure and appropriately designed and supervised programmes and experiences to produce functional and effective personnel for needed social services in the field of sports science, education, sports development, sports coaching and Human Kinetics.